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Thank you for your kind and generous donation, please enter any amount you would like gift. You can either do a bank transfer or pay using a debit/credit card.

Donation by Bank Transfer:

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Donation by Debit or Credit card:

Mangal Bhoga (4:15 am) - Rs. 1,501/-

Mangal Aratik (4:30 am Aratik) - Rs. 1,501/-

Naivedya (Bhoga offering after the morning puja) - Rs. 1,501/-

Sringar Aratik (7:15 am Aratik) - Rs. 1,001/-

Pratah Bhoga (Breakfast Bhoga offering) - Rs. 1,501/-

Puspa Aratik (8:30am Aratik) - Rs. 1,001/-

Raj Bhoga (Lunch bhoga offering) - Rs. 5,555/-

Raj Bhoga Aratik (12:00 pm Aratik) - Rs. 2,001/-

Utthapana Bhoga (Afternoon Bhoga offering) - Rs. 1,501/-

Utthapana Aratik (4:30 pm Aratik)(*4 pm in winter) - Rs. 1,001/-

Sandhya Bhoga (Evening Bhoga offering) - Rs. 3,001/-

Sandhya Aratik (7:00 pm Aratik)(*6:30 pm in winter) - Rs. 1,501/-

Sayana Bhoga (Evening Bhoga offering) - Rs. 1,501/-

Sayana Aratik (8:30 pm Aratik)(*8 pm in winter) - Rs. 1,001/-

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