Ratha Yatra Festival

Ratha Yatra Festival

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20 June 2023

Jagannath Ratha yatra is a very big famous festival worldwide. This is the festival of chariots, is celebrated originally in Jagannathan Puri (Odisha) from time immemorial. In Puri lord Jagannathan is worshipped with his elder brother Baldev and his sister Subhadra. Their lordship come out on the road and rides on their chariots to bless the citizens. Thousands of people pull the roop of the Ratha and take from Srimandira to Gundicha temple. It’s a similar concept of Krishna Balram’s returning from Kurukshetra to Vrindavan on Ratha which was pulled by Vraja Gopis.

Participate in Ratha Yatra

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Ratha Yatra Festival

Jagannath Poshak Seva

 Jagannath Poshak Seva - Full1,00,000Donate Now
 Jagannath Poshak Seva - Partial5,100Donate Now
 Jagannath Poshak Seva - Partial11,000Donate Now
 Jagannath Poshak Seva - Partial21,000Donate Now
 Jagannath Poshak Seva - Partial31,000Donate Now

Prasadam 3,000 Plates @ Rs 120/-

 Prasadam 50 Plates6,000Donate Now
 Prasadam 100 Plates12,000Donate Now
 Prasadam 200 Plates24,000Donate Now
 Prasadam 250 Plates30,000Donate Now
 Prasadam 500 Plates60,000Donate Now

Chappan Bhoga Rs 93,000/-

 Chappan Bhoga - Full93,000Donate Now
 Chappan Bhoga - Partial5,100Donate Now
 Chappan Bhoga - Partial11,000Donate Now
 Chappan Bhoga - Partial21,000Donate Now
 Chappan Bhoga - Partial31,000Donate Now

Jagannath Maha Arati 108 Plates

 Jagannath Maha Arati 1 Plate3,100Donate Now
 Jagannath Maha Arati 5 Plates15,500Donate Now
 Jagannath Maha Arati 10 Plates31,000Donate Now
 Jagannath Maha Arati 15 Plates46,500Donate Now
 Jagannath Maha Arati 20 Plates62,000Donate Now

Jagannath Ratha Flower Decoration

 Jagannath Ratha Flower Decoration - Full51,000Donate Now
 Jagannath Ratha Flower Decoration - Partial5,100Donate Now
 Jagannath Ratha Flower Decoration - Partial11,000Donate Now
 Jagannath Ratha Flower Decoration - Partial21,000Donate Now
 Jagannath Ratha Flower Decoration - Partial31,000Donate Now

Kirtan Seva

 Kirtan Seva - Partial5,100Donate Now
 Kirtan Seva - Partial11,000Donate Now
 Kirtan Seva - Partial21,000Donate Now
 Kirtan Seva - Partial31,000Donate Now

Water Distribution Seva

 Water Distribution Seva - Full11,000Donate Now
 Water Distribution Seva - Partial2,100Donate Now
 Water Distribution Seva - Partial5,100Donate Now

Prasad Distribution on the Yatra Route

 Prasad Distribution on the Yatra Route - Full75,000Donate Now
 Prasad Distribution on the Yatra Route - Partial5,100Donate Now
 Prasad Distribution on the Yatra Route - Partial11,000Donate Now
 Prasad Distribution on the Yatra Route - Partial21,000Donate Now
 Prasad Distribution on the Yatra Route - Partial31,000Donate Now
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