Kartik Shoba Yatra - 2022

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Kartik Shoba Yatra - 2022

"Taking part in these festivals means a step forward for our self-realization"

(Festival Lectures by Srila Prabhupa Quoted in London on July 13, 1972)

“Our Hare Kṛṣṇa movement is standing on three principal things: chanting, dancing, and eating prasādam. It is not very difficult. It is very enjoyable to chant, dance, and take prasādam and by doing this your life will gradually progress in spiritual advancement of life. And if you continue this, then some day will come, even in this life it may come, that you will understand what Kṛṣṇa is”.
(By Srila Prabhupad)

Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Kartik Shoba Yatra is a grand annual festival celebrated at Iskcon Vrindavan where Lords Sri Sri Krishna Balaram gets a grand welcome on the streets of Vrindavan during the auspicious month of Kartik.

Kartik is the best and most glorious month, holiest of holy and purest of pure. It is particularly dear to Lord Krishna, because it is the month of Srimati Radharani. This month is full of love of the Lord towards His devotees. Any vow followed, any service done in this month, even a small one, brings tremendous results, actually thousand times more result. The essence of Kartika-vrata is to satisfy Sri Sri Radha-Damodara with our more and better devotional service to them.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

• When is the Shoba Yatra?
     31st October Monday 2002

• Shoba Yatra Timing?
     Starts at 1:30 pm and Ends at 6:30 pm

• Shoba Yatra Rout?
     Omaxe – Prem Mandir – Iskcon Temple – Phogla Ashram –
     Vidhayapeeth Chauraha – Attala Chungi (Via Parikrama Marg) -
     Krishna Kripa Dham – Lalita Ashram- Police Chowki - Iskcon Temple

• How can I Participate?
     You may participate in kirtan and prasadam distribution
     You may serve by donating funds online.

• What is the program schedule?

VENUE: Omaxe, Vrindavan

Programme Schedule

Arrival of Devotees 8:00 AM
Welcoming of Lord Krishna & Balaram 9:00 AM
Morning Prasadam (Omaxe) 9:30 AM TO 11:30 AM
Chhapanna Bhoga offering 10:00 AM TO 11:00 AM
Arrival of Guests 11:00 AM TO 12:30 PM
Maha aarti of Lord Krishna & Balaram 12:30 PM
Maharasa lila 12:45 PM TO 01:15 PM
Shoba Yatra Begins 1:30 PM
Shoba Yatra End, Sandhya Aarti & Deepdan 6:30 PM
Prasadam (ISKCON Temple) 7:00 PM

For More Information Please contact:

Namahatta Department

Ph: - 9760475547

Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Poshak Seva

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